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Translation areas
We have different teams of specialists in a range of fields. Our experienced professionals know your industry first-hand.


Digital platforms have massive power that translation multiplies. Which means managing challenges like ensuring that clothing sizes are right in each country and using the right SEO so pages get indexed properly in some regions. These are our some of the most common issues our clients face. A localisation strategy successfully helped our clients solve these issues and their sales took off.


Legal and financial

At some point we’ve all needed to translate a legal or financial document, be it on a personal level or for your small business. The translation of these highly technical texts requires skilled specialists. Which is why we partner with translators who work in these fields. We translate documents like rental contracts and divorce papers with full guarantees.



A translation has to reflect what you really mean. To attract customers it is crucial that the content, whether for social media or television ads, is familiar to users. At Gorilla Translation we work with native translators because they understand what works (and what doesn’t) for each culture: traditions, lifestyles, etc. Simply speaking a language they understand isn’t enough: you have to speak their language.



Hotel chains, airlines, and travel agencies are hubs of diversity, places where cultures meet. To get the right message across to travellers from all corners of the world, content has to be translated to convey the right emotions in any language. That is our point of point of departure and our destination.


Technical and technological

In a market as competitive as tech, even the smallest mistake might may mean a loss of profits or unexpected costs. Which is why we focus on ensuring that all tech documents are developed and documented to the highest standard through our separate department for technical and technological projects.


Medical and healthcare

Medical translation is a highly complex specialisation that requires a level of knowledge and training that many translation professionals work to develop over their entire career. We’ve been working with companies in the medical and healthcare industry for years, making it possible to develop glossaries and style guides that ensure language quality.



In an industry where image and brand are everything, the key to success lies in translating the brand’s unique universe in each market. At Gorilla Translation we ensure that cultural differences are respected without losing the brand’s essence. We have worked with the industry’s top companies for over 10 years.